MusiCares’ Three Support Branches for Music Industry Professionals

A philanthropist who contributes to nonprofits of all sizes, David Abele is a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based realtor. One organization David Abele supports is MusiCares, a nonprofit operated by the Recording Academy, the organization that runs the annual GRAMMY Awards. MusiCares provides assistance of all kinds to members of the music industry. Founded in 1989, MusiCares welcomes musicians, producers, and venue operators alike, and cares for all aspects of members’ health. By ensuring the holistic health of its members, MusiCares aims to help them focus on creating music to enrich their and their fans’ lives, rather than worrying about basic living expenses or healthcare challenges.

MusiCares has three equally-important branches, each one serving a different health aspect of its members. The first, health services, pays for doctor and dentist appointments, insurance payments, and medical bills and medication. The second, their human services branch, ensures members’ financial security by paying for home and car payments and giving grants to replace destroyed musical equipment after events like natural disasters. Thirdly, the mental health and addiction recovery services branch offers and refers members to therapy, rehabilitation facilities, and weekly support groups.






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