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  • MusiCares’ Three Support Branches for Music Industry Professionals

    A philanthropist who contributes to nonprofits of all sizes, David Abele is a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based realtor. One organization David Abele supports is MusiCares, a nonprofit operated by the Recording Academy, the organization that runs the annual GRAMMY Awards. MusiCares provides assistance of all kinds to members of the music industry. Founded in 1989, MusiCares welcomes […]

  • What Are the Stages of HIV?

    The HIV virus, which currently has no cure, attacks the immune system of affected individuals and eventually leads to AIDS. However, proper treatment allows people to control the condition and live healthy lives.  The first stage of HIV, known as acute HIV infection, may involve flu-like conditions and a high degree of contagiousness amongst those […]

  • Amenities at the Birchwood Project

    The Birchwood Project combines a year-round boutique resort with the philanthropic goal of providing free summer retreat lodging for children and families facing medical challenges.  The property itself will include a fire pit, picnic tables, sauna, nature hikes, and even a self-guided forest bathing walk, while resort suite designs feature a complete kitchen with living […]